Gabon Football Federation

Gabon Football FederationThe Gabon national football team, nicknamed Les Panthères (The Panthers), is the national team of Gabon and is controlled by the Fédération Gabonaise de Football.

They have never qualified for the World Cup finals, but have qualified five times for the Africa Cup of Nations.

Foundation year 1962
Affiliated since 1966
Official site
Fédération Gabonaise de Football
Boîte postale 181 LIBREVILLE
Phone: +241/70 49 85
Fax: +241/70 49 92
President MOUNGUENGUI Pierre Alain
Vice President
General Secretary MBA NZE Jean Felix
Treasurer YAMBANGOYE Lucien
Technical Director PUIG Albert (ESP)
Men’s Coach MBOUROUNOT Claude (GAB)
Women’s Coach NGUE BIE ROSE Fanie (GAB)
Media Officer MINDOUNGANI Gaston
Futsal Coordinator NZOGO MINTSA Gabin
Referee Coordinator
Jerseys Yellow/white/green
Shorts Blue/white/yellow
Stockings Blue/white/blue

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